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P.O. Box 95
129 Cedar Lane
Grand Isle, LA  70358
Ways to Give:

Give at church:
1. When the offering plate is passed, place your offering in the                   plate.

2. Mail in your offering to the church office at:

           First Baptist Church of Grand Isle
           P.O. Box 95
           Grand Isle, LA  70358

3. Online giving (COMING SOON)

Tips on Giving:
     1. Giving a tithe is biblical. A tithe means 10% of gross income. All Christians should practice tithing faithfully and consistently to their local church.
     2. An offering is above the tithe and usually to a specific need. It could be any amount.
     3. Checks help keep records for tax purposes. Your giving is tax deductible if properly marked.
     4. To properly mark your giving be sure to use an offering envelope that you fill out if giving cash or check.
     5. When writing checks use the memo line to indicate your intent to specific giving. If no intent then it will go in the general fund. If you are giving cash to a specific offering use an envelope and mark it as intended.
     6. Make checks out to First Baptist Church of Grand Isle. If you are giving to our new church plant make checks to Crosspoint Church of Galliano.
     7. Give because you love God and obey Him then trust the local church to be good managers of the gifts.
     8. People tend to give more if they are informed on what the needs are; so stay informed and ask questions.
     9. You cannot out give God; so give generously. God blesses others through your giving.
   10. Keep the Gospel of Jesus in your focus when giving. Your giving helps missionaries here and around the world to share the good news of salvation through Christ Jesus to those lost in darkness.