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129 Cedar Lane
Grand Isle, LA  70358
Links & Resources

Resources & Links

General/Bible Study: - A resource that rates movies, videos and DVD's on content and other criteria. - A free program that greatly aids in Bible Study. - Easton's Bible Dictionary -good bible study aids - excellent resource site - Southern Baptist web page - International Mission Board - North American Mission Board - Louisiana Baptist Convention Home Page - Bayou Baptist Association
Music Links: - a great site on music and worship - integrity/hosanna site -Word Music web site -kevin derryberry's site - church copyright company - Local music company - LEARN EVERYTHING you ever wanted to know about Music - For woodwind and brass players - Great Articles!
Children Links: - Children's Ministry Magazine - The GA Webpage
For Parents: -helpful site for parents.,1701,M%253D50026,00.html - lifeway website for preschool teachers.
Youth Links: - youth ministry site - Compassion International -International Justice Mission Contemporary Christian Music Web Site
Band Links:

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